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Fitness, Nutrition and Hygiene

At Putney Playgrounds Kindergarten we are conscious of good health and Physical Well being

Good health and physical wellbeing is fundamental to a child’s ability to develop, learn and grow. Fitness sessions are incorporated into our daily program and are designed to establish healthy physical activity patterns, to assist children to accept the unity of mind and body.

At Putney Playgrounds Kindergarten we aim to promote healthy lifestyles, good nutrition and the wellbeing for all children, educators and families using procedures and policies. We also aim to support and provide adequately for children with food allergies, dietary requirements and restrictions and specific cultural and religious practices.

Putney Playgrounds Kindergarten has a responsibility to help children to develop healthy food habits. By working in collaboration with families, we will endeavor to positively influence each child’s health through good nutrition, healthy lifestyles and fitness.

Extra Curricular activities at Putney Playgrounds Kindergarten

GrowFit provides specialised early childhood health education and gross motor development classes at Putney Playgrounds Kindergarten.

GrowFit strives to provide an opportunity for children and their families to begin to make small life style changes, which will encourage and promote positive health awareness and knowledge in a safe and educational environment, where children can strengthen both mind and body while developing self-confidence and personal motivation.

Above all, GrowFit is dedicated to delivering the message to children that ‘Being Fit Is FUN’

What Age group:-   Grow Fit caters for children 2 to 6 years old
Cost:-   $11.00 per child
Length of class: –   30 to 40 minutes
Classes take place:-   Wednesday and Friday each week

Bee Balance yoga lessons incorporate a wide range of mindful experiences including songs, dancing, storytelling, uplifting music, creative movement, age appropriate games, visualisation, affirmation and of course mediation.

What Age group:-   Bee Balance caters for children 2 to 6 years old
Cost:-   $12.00 per child
Length of class:-   30 to 40 minutes
Classes take place:-   Monday and Thursday each week