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We have been educating local children in our area for over 50 years.

Educating Our Community Since 1966

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Putney Playgrounds Kindergarten, situated on a quiet residential street is a family owned and operated centre that has been educating local children for over 50 years.

We have consistently provided children between 2 and 6 years of age with the tools to confidently learn and grow.

At Putney Playgrounds Kindergarten we aim to inspire children with a lifelong passion for learning. By providing a high-level of care and education in an environment designed to stimulate and inspire their ever-searching minds.

We make sure all our children achieve their highest potential, ensuring every child’s love of learning is nurtured.

Our educators are passionate about learning, and are carefully chosen for their strong qualifications, experience and natural flair. We take pride in our team of loyal, intelligent and nurturing educators, who inspire a passion for learning through providing stimulating environments for the children.


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FEES 2021

$139.00 per day 2-3 year old 8am to 5pm

$133.00 per day 3-6 year old 9am to 3pm

$128.00 per short day 3-6 year old 8am to 6pm


At Putney Playgrounds Kindergarten we believe that our Educators are our greatest asset, and as a result, pride ourselves on the quality of the team we choose for our centre. Read More Here

Our Kindergarten. Our Family. Our Community

  • Stimulating, safe and high-quality child care centre that encourages every child’s curiosity and imagination
  • A Child care centre, operated and managed by the owner, and experienced educators who are passionate about learning
  • Constantly evolving curriculum to keep up with agile young minds
  • Curriculum guided by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)
  • Team of educators who are focused on each child’s natural interests, abilities and emerging skillsg
  • Learning program adapted to each child’s individual strengths, interests, abilities & curiosities

At Putney Playgrounds we have created warm and welcoming spaces that play a key role in building lasting relationships with both children and their families, while encouraging learning through play. Our incredibly talented and experienced educators adapt programs based on each child’s interests, strengths and individual learning needs.


Come Visit Us

We invite you to come and experience Putney Playgrounds Kindergarten. See our dedicated staff with the children.

Toddlers Education 2-3years

Children are developing knowledge about themselves and their world through their curiosity and exploration.

Pre-schooler’s Education

Children continue to develop their curiosity, creativity, skills of questioning, investigating and problem solving.


The educators have the responsibilities of documenting, planning, recording, assessing and evaluating the children’s time at Putney Playgrounds Kindergarten.

Arts & Crafts

At Putney Playgrounds we believe that engaging in Art & Craft experiences benefits all aspects of children’s development.


Incursions are educational experiences that provide further opportunities for children to investigate and explore.

Fitness, Nutrition and Hygiene

At Putney Playgrounds Kindergarten we are conscious of good health and Physical Well being


What Our Families are Saying

Couldn’t recommend Putney Playgrounds enough! The centre is so welcoming and accommodating to every child and their individual needs. All the staff are such beautiful and warm people. I am so happy I made the decision to send my child to this centre!  

Rachel M

I have had my two children attend Putney Playgrounds. The staff are amazing and treat the children with such care and love. They always make me feel at home when I come in whether it be for drop off or pick up or even during the day. 

Katie F

The best Preschool in Sydney. Samar is an amazing operator, great teachers and Fantastic programs. We love sending our daughter to Putney Playgrounds kindergarten. 

Paul L